Lost my voice...

Literally I have lost my voice.

Its actually bizarre because it feels weird. If that makes sense...

My subconscious clearly thinks it's funny. Yesterday (the morning I woke with this problem), I meditated and asked my current question 'Universe, what would you invite me to today?' and I heard back:

'Listen more'.

And yes, my subconscious has deadpan delivery.

The other thing that is odd, is despite my throat feeling raw and burny and swollen, I keep forgetting I can't actually speak. And so this meant that I literally croaked at various dog walkers yesterday when they said their standard 'morning!'.

My mum said I should smile and wave. Although if passing someone that closely will this come across crazy too? More or less than a toad woman?

Then I watched Top Gun: Maverick yesterday afternoon whilst 'resting'. If you haven't seen it I urge you to watch it, it is a great film, with action, speed, and emotional feeling bits. And Tom Cruise. :0)

There is one tiny bit in it (so not spoiling anything), where he is in an enemy aircraft and tells his colleague as the baddies approach alongside - to just 'wave and smile'. Made me laugh. The feigning of confidence.

So if in doubt smile and wave. Sometimes confidence is interpreted as crazy and crazy as confidence. It only matters how it makes us feel anyhow. And I feel like smiling and waving! :0)