An MSc in Nutrition?

How is that useful for coaching?

Coach, criminal solicitor, nutritional therapist, MSc/BSc lecturer...bit of an odd mix?

Yep I would think so too. But then I realised what this very unique collection of professions gives me is the experience, knowledge, and ability to help people.

Take stress for example, I know the physiological and biochemical mechanisms (that’s an MSc for you), I know the benefits of it, and I know the issues that may result if it’s ongoing. I understand how this affects everything- from work, sleep, eating, to relationships, resilience, and emotions. Hell, I have personal experience, and the funny thing is, most of the time I wouldn’t have even described myself as stressed! Yes, it changed my perspective. And that’s just one example.

Not to simplify us humans but perhaps it all comes down to perspectives and beliefs. I could tell you a million times how amazing that rainbow over there is but if all you feel is the rain and all you think of is your lack of umbrella... Your map of the world is all that matters, it’s how you see the world and yourself that ultimately dictates what you do and what you create with this short life that we have. This is why I loved supporting students in growing their awareness as then they realise that they have a choice (awareness = choice). Our thinking creates our realities, and everyone is unique, and everyone chooses different things, which includes the thinking we focus on and nurture and those thoughts we don't. But ultimately it's having the choice that makes us feel powerful and proactive.

So I am great at seeing different perspectives and understanding people inside and out (potentially odd but in reality a perfect mix of biochemistry and empathy). I am amazing at holding a non-judgemental space (coaching skill) for someone to be themselves (there is little I haven’t heard said due to the criminal solicitor bit), and I re-frame negatives to positives instinctively (don’t worry I don’t verbalise them all - that can be annoying, apparently!). I believe everyone is amazing and my drive is to help you see it too (my sister calls me 'steamroller’ - I hope fondly... ) and this is my purpose for coaching.

I can talk for England (probably most useful on my feet in court or when lecturing), but when I coach... it’s all about you so I also know how to shut up and listen and hold the space (a skill nurtured in the coaching training). I’m loyal (there is no doubt I’m on your side no matter how much I challenge you - ask my past students, coachees, or criminal clients), I'm down to earth and I swear (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot), but I’ll make you smile even through worries or tears (I don’t intend to make anyone cry but sometimes it does happen), and I believe in the best of you, that unique creator of amazingness in whatever area of your life you wish it.

Okay so going back to how this mix, and specifically the nutrition side of things, helps me coach, another example could be my MSc dissertation. I focused on anxiety and how the negative feedback loops that should control the release of adrenalin and cortisol sometimes don’t seem to work, leading to longer-term anxiety instead of the shorter-term 'worry'. I focused in particular on where there is inflammation in the body, as this is part of our stress response. And we know that the body and mind works as one whole system. 

Without going into the detail you can maybe make out from my mechanism picture below, if you ever came to me and said you were worried about something - I understand. On a deeper and tinier scale than you can imagine, or even need or want to know.

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