Good vibrations

Yes I know that the title is a song :0) Actually that is probably why it is in my head at the moment, as I recently listened to a Beyonce song where it is used.

Anyway, to the point of the post! Whether you believe in the law of attraction, or the power of beliefs (neurological behaviour which has long been recognised in the law around witness evidence), or simply in that we all could do with more time spent happy, this post is to share what gets me into that high vibration of happy joyfulness. Also, in my case, playfulness and childlike awe at how amazing the world and everything in it is.

We are actually innately in this space (in fact we were born like that) before we learn to focus and give our attention and energy to thoughts that change this. Literally we stop ourselves from being happy. Crazy, right? Okay, so think about it... if you subtracted all the dwelling on the past, the predicting the future, and mind reading, what would you be left with? A quieter mind that's for sure. And if innately we are happy, then surely this will allow the space for happier thoughts? And then the energy to focus on those instead?

Sometimes though we are already on the 'mind reading' bus before we realise it. So we just need to get off the damn thing (I mean, only if you want to. If you want to stay with those thoughts and feelings, hey, that's your call). Sometimes just noticing it is enough (awareness = choice) and you find yourself thinking about something else. Other times action helps shift or change the thinking (and then the feeling follows). Like when you are having a shitty shitty day and then you get a phone call from someone you love that you haven't heard from in ages (or reading a notification that you've just won the lottery).

So, being aware of the things that help knock you off the bus you don't want to be on and onto one you would rather be (as its going where you want to go) can help.*

These are mine. I am sure these will change and more may get added, and I know that not all of them work depending on where I am and how I am feeling. Therefore I think it's good to have choice!

- walk outside. I am a fair weather walker (yes I know humans are waterproof!) and particularly love the spring green-ness, the pink and white blossom trees, the autumnal colours, and the freshness after its rained. Also I am drawn to water so am lucky to live near a nature reserve with a river, waterfalls, and a pond within it. Anyway there is so much research around why walking helps shift perspectives and moods, not least because it is forward proactive action, it literally provides different viewpoints as we walk, and the physiological benefits of getting rid of any excess adrenalin and energy from our stress response that we haven't used (no tigers to run from in that meeting?!).

- get lost in fiction. I have found this is easiest with a book I have read before as I know it is good and it engages me fully into it. So this includes Christine Feehan books (special powers and hot sex), Harry Potter (it's meant for children so has to be consistently enthralling*2), Midnight Sun (yes yes it is a Twilight book - I know, but it is so, so good). Also, the Strike series by J.K. Rowlings pseudonym Robert Galbraith is rather good. Normally I am not into crime (possibly no surprise with work) but I am so far amazed that I have not been able to guess the ending on any I have read - admittedly I can't read them twice now but there are around 6 or 7 in the series, so I have been saving them for when I need the escape!

- dance and sing. Now let's be clear, I can't do either well. But I can move and I can make noise :0) I just need the right type of song that allows me to sing and dance in my way. They include songs such as: I Don't Feel like Dancing by Scissor Sisters, Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake, Canned Heat by Jamiroquai, No Tomorrow by Orson, Rock DJ by Robbie, I Like the Way by Bodyrockers. Also some even older ones by Kenny Loggins, Wham, Primal Scream, and Bob Seger! I particularly like doing this in the kitchen with the music on loud. My fitbit picks it up as a workout too ha - bonus!




*I love this bus analogy btw - I first heard it on a podcast by Michael Neill and he had taken it from someone elses book. I haven't read it but it is Mavis Karn - It's That Simple, a Users Manual for Human Beings. And yes it is on my wish list!

*2 I have to say - if you have never listened to Stephen Fry's reading of Harry Potter - OMG you are missing out - he does voices and everything! I didn't think audio books would 'work' for me, having aphantasia and all. However I have found myself on more than one occasion jumping (back into reality) on my walks, when I have gotten so lost in the story I forget I am outside in the Dell so when a person walks past it scares the living daylights out of me! (Yes, yes I know I should be safe aware walking alone - thank you for caring)