What if you are wrong?

How often do you ask this about your own thinking and beliefs?

Sometimes? Never? Only if it's a good thing that you are thinking about?

How about the thoughts of what others are thinking?

I mean, humans are not renowned for their mind reading abilities...

How about the belief that that awful thing will absolutely happen?

Again, not sure about you, but if I could predict the future I would likely be on a beach somewhere having just won the lottery for the third time...


What's the harm in just giving yourself a second to consider - is it true?

We seem to do this naturally when something amazing happens - like winning the lottery. Most of us will naturally suspend belief until we have absolute evidence that it as happened. Or that someone we like likes us back - we instinctively ask ourselves "really?!"

So why not when its something not as great? Well, I could go on about the evolutional benefit and/or the amygdala in the brain but I will spare you (this time!)

When we look at it like this doesn't it seem like we should aim for at least balance? That's not woo-woo rainbow thinking, thats just equality, right? So, if we do it for the good stuff why not for the bad stuff?

Seriously, what if you are wrong?

What would that mean? How does that possibility make you feel?