Positives about belly ache?

So, I have been trying something recently. Every day I have been picking something and writing about all the positive points about it.

Some of my topics so far:

  • coffee
  • belly ache
  • the wind
  • carpet
  • waiting
  • my car
  • rainbows

What's interesting is that when I pick something that automatically makes me smile (eg. rainbows), I find I generally have less to write about than when I have picked something I don't feel great about. Is it because I am trying harder to see the positives? Maybe. Whatever the reason, I have noticed that the harder I have to try, the more time I spend, and the greater the turn about. Also, sometimes I can't help but feel rather good afterwards. Like I enjoyed the struggle or something.

Sometimes I actually pick something that I am feeling particularly crap about (eg. my sore belly) as if to challenge myself "find something good in that if you can - ha!"

All I know is that thoughts are like the songs on a radio station - the theme or genre of thoughts can be guessed by the station chosen, and the station be actively changed to one I would rather have on if I notice I am stuck on one that I don't like and I want to change it.

So this is proactively taking time to find the positive in stuff. Everyday stuff. Annoying stuff. Nondescript stuff. The stuff I take for granted everyday. And appreciation type thoughts feel good - I like the station.

Especially as it is appreciative thinking without the usual preliminary 'not working' (panic) stage that appears to be necessary for so many of us. Take for example the wifi, your car, or your mobile - when is the last time you even noticed what they do for you, what they give you, or what they allow you to do, nevermind appreciated them?

So why not try it? Next time you are bored, maybe in court waiting, or in a virtual meeting which you cannot keep focused on as you really do not need to be there, write - "The positive things about this are..." and see what you can come up with. And yes silliness and childishness are absolutely allowed, you can always shred or burn the piece of paper after!